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Conference 2011

John Pateman, Author and Librarian

John Pateman

 John Pateman has worked in public libraries for 33 years in six local authorities and has been Head of Libraries in Hackney, Merton and Lincolnshire. He is particularly interested in social exclusion, internationalism and libraries as an agent of social change. 


He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP) and of the Institute of Public Sector Management (IPSM). He was an active member of LINK: a network for North-South library development and three CILIP special interest groups: the Branch & Mobile Libraries Group, the International Group and the Diversity Group. He was also a founding member of:

•    The Network - tackling social exclusion in libraries, museums, archives and galleries.
•    The Quality Leaders Programme for Black Library Workers.
•    Information for Social Change - an activist organisation that examines issues of censorship, freedom and ethics amongst library and information workers. It is committed to promoting alternatives to the dominant paradigms of library and information work and publishes its own journal, Information for Social Change (freely available online at
•    The Cuban Libraries Solidarity Group.


John Pateman was the Head of Libraries in Merton when it won the Libraries Change Lives Award (2001) for services to asylum seekers and refugees. In 2002 he received the National Culture Award from the Cuban government for his services to Cuban libraries. He was Head of Libraries in Lincolnshire when it won the CILIP Diversity Award for Organisational Change (2005) and the Libraries Change Lives Award (2006) for services to migrant workers.


In June 2003 he shared a platform with Fidel Castro at the International Congress of Culture and Development in Havana. In December 2004 he attended the World Gathering of Intellectuals and Artists in Defence of Humanity which was held in Caracas, Venezuela. In May 2005 John Pateman gave two key note addresses at the Vancouver Public Library staff conference: Developing a Needs Based Library Service; and Public Libraries and Social Exclusion. In September 2005 he presented a paper at the Public Libraries and Social Exclusion conference in Medellin, Colombia.  In June 2006 he attended the Canadian Library Association conference in Ottowa and presented a paper on the Systemic Barriers to Library Use: Libraries Engage the Socially Excluded.


John Pateman was a member of the government working group which produced Libraries for all: social inclusion in public libraries (1999) and of the research team which produced Open to All? The Public Library and Social Exclusion (2000).He was a member of the CILIP Policy Action Group on Social Exclusion which produced Making a Difference - Innovation and Diversity (2002). He has written many articles on aspects of social exclusion – especially social class – community development, internationalism and libraries in Cuba, including:

•    Developing a Needs Based Library Service (2003) - part of the National Institute for Adult and Community Learning (NIACE) Lifelines in Adult Learning series.
•    British Librarianship and Information Work: ‘From Equal Opportunities to Social Exclusion’ (1991-2000); ‘From Social Inclusion to Community Cohesion’ (2001-2005); ‘From community cohesion to social justice’ (2006-2010).
•    Public Libraries and Social Justice (2010) with John Vincent

He is currently writing a book on community led library services with Ken Williment, who was a leader of the Working Together Project in Canada.