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Conference 2011

Keynote speech by Dilsa Demirberg- Sten

In search of a narrative. Can society include us all?

My grandmother used to say that those who didn’t tell their story would float in a void, without meaning, without goals. She never got to learn how to read and write, but she preserved our language in oral tradition. That which is transferred from human to human and creates an encounter.

Literature, radio, TV and social media give us endless possibilities to communicate, despite this there are groups in our society that feel unseen.
Today there is a whole generation of Swedish children who have never seen their parents work and have no other adult role models in their lives. Who listens to these children’s stories and what happens to a society that doesn’t listen to them?

 There is a socio-economic vacuum in the post-industrial Europe and Sweden. Our ability to shape a narrative that also includes those who feel neglected by society will be crucial for the further democratization of the free world.

 What role can the libraries play in this narrative?

Friday the 26th of August 2011
13.15-14.15 at The Nordic Library Conference 2011 15.15-16.00