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Conference 2011

Keynote speech by Mette Skovbjerg

Futurist at Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies

Personalized information and the shaping of identity
In the multicultural society of the future, the shaping of identity will not only be determined by group affiliation or belonging, but also by education and information – and information is accessed online.

The Internet, and especially the search machines and social media spaces enabling personalized information, are not only shaped by one’s identity – it illustrates what choices you have and therefore ultimately shapes who you become. Algorithmic observers watching what you click online are not only making online search and information manageable, accessible and easy to use; your computer monitor is becoming a one-way mirror, reflecting your interests and reinforcing your prejudices.

This lecture will address the recent developments in personalized information, its effects on identity, and the new challenges emerging for libraries in facilitating public education, integration and cohesion in their local community.

Friday the 26th of August 2011
9.30-10.15 at The Nordic Library Conference 2011