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Conference 2011

Meet Dilsa Demirbag Sten

Dilsa Demirbag-Sten

Dilsa Demirbag Sten is a Swedish author and journalist and a self-described liberal atheist. She is a frequent commentator on topics such as integration, human rights, free speech, religious oppression of women and Islamic fundamentalism.

She made her debut as an author in 2005 with the book Stamtavlor and has since published the critically acclaimed Fosterland which is a continuation of the autobiographical story she began with Stamtavlor. Together with Per Bauhn she has appeared with “The Defense of Liberty: a critique of the normative multiculturalism”. She has received the Swedish Bar Association Prize for Journalism and Natural & Kultur Johan Hansson literary prize for her book Fosterland.

She is a contributor to Göteborgs-Posten and Dagens Nyheter two of Sweden's largest newspapers. She has also hosted her own television show on the Swedish channel TV8 and is currently co-hosting the radio show Nordegren.

Demirbag-Sten is a secular humanist and a board member of the Swedish Humanist Association, The Per Ahlmark Foundation, Allbright foundation and Linnaeus University. Since the 1st of October 2010 she has been the director of the writing center for children in Stockholm and Södertälje.