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Conference 2011

Sheila Lock

Sheila Lock

The city Leicester is rapidly developing a reputation for excellence in embracing diversity and leading community cohesion in the UK. Chief executive Sheila will discuss the different projects and initiatives the Libraries in Leicester have undertaken in order to meet the needs of a diverse community.

Sheila Lock joined Leicester City Council in 2006 as the city’s first Corporate Director, Children and Young People’s Services. In January 2008 Sheila became the Interim Chief Executive following the early retirement of the previous Chief Executive and from August of that year was appointed into the permanent post. She is the first female chief executive of the city.

Sheila gave evidence to the Parliamentary Select committee on Prevent and is involved nationally in promoting community cohesion work. Last year Sheila ran a workshop on cohesion at the European Parliament and delivered a similar seminar at The Hague in October 2010, this has arisen from the work she has undertaken with the Open Society Institute. Nationally Sheila is a member of the Migration Forum, which meets regularly with ministers to look at immigration issues.

Prior to coming to Leicester Sheila worked in several northern authorities, including Calderdale, Sheffield, and two authorities in greater Manchester. Sheila’s background professionally is in children’s services, training as a Social Worker Sheila has extensive experience of working with children and young people and their families. 

Sheila has contributed to two books on Children’s Services and a range of publications, has lectured nationally on issues with children and young people and been involved in national policy development for children’s services 

Sheila holds a degree in chemistry, a social work qualification and an MBA.

Sheila is a single parent with a son who is now aged 27.