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Conference 2011

The Danish Library Center for Integration

The Danish Centre for Integration

The Danish Library Centre for Integration, SBCI, is part of the Danish State & University Library. The State Library is an institution under The Danish Ministry of Culture and delivers a wide range of shared services to public libraries throughout Denmark.

We lend books, music and movies in more than 30 languages to all libraries at no cost. Refugees or immigrants who live in Denmark can request the books and other materials in their native language at the local library. The library in turn requests it from SBCI as individuals cannot borrow directly from SBCI.

The organization also functions as a ‘knowledge centre’ with regards to minority library services, hosts a number of conferences and workshops and provides a range of web services to libraries and end users (immigrants and refugees).

We also offer useful information for foreign language speakers living in Denmark, primarily through

For more information about SBCI, see our website at