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Royal Danish Library’s License Service for Danish Youth Education Programmes [Ungdomsuddannelsernes Licensservice] negotiates and administrates license agreements for Danish educational institutions, offering educational programmes on ISCED97 level 3. See more here. More than 300 educational institutions are eligible for making use of the service.

In agreements with publishers and vendors our focus is to provide institutions with a broad choice of relevant electronic tools and content resources in different formats and languages. We initiate conversations with new publishers and vendors on an ongoing basis. Decisions on a possible collaboration are based on a number of parameters. Primary conditions are:

  • Agreements are based on ourstandard license. Contact us to request a copy

  • Price is calculated based on the number of student FTE

  • Volume discount is provided based on the number of institutions

  • Free trial access for new institutions and new products must always be offered

  • Agreements are always entered for one calendar year at a time. Auto-renewal is not accepted

  • Danish publishers and vendors are required to support the Danish national SSO solution UNI·Login for educational institutions no later than January 2023. Publishers and vendors outside Denmark are also strongly encouraged to support UNI·Login. Read more about UNI·Login here.

Contact Chief Adviser Dyveke Sijm,, for more information.