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Du er her: Forside / Liber2010 / Day 1 Programme - 29 June 2010
Liber 2010

Day 1 Programme - 29 June 2010

08.00-09.30 Registration


Master Classes and Meetings

Master Class 1 – Chris Pressler (University of Nottingham, UK) and Andy McGregor (JISC, UK):
The Library of Babel just needed a communication strategy - how to market universal knowledge
List of participants
Master Class 2Paul Ayris, Martin Moyle (University College London, UK), Susan Copeland (Robert Gordon University, UK), Miguel Codina, Anna Rovira (Technical University of Catalonia, Spain), Iva Horova (Academy of Performing Arts, Czech Republic), Rachel Hill (Dublin City University, Ireland):
Managing electronic theses: a DART Europe Master Class
List of participants (combined with DART)
Paul Ayris
Martin Moyle
Susan Copeland
Anna Rovira
Iva Horova
Rachel Hill

Master Class 3 – Birger Larsen (Royal School of Library and Information Science, Denmark) and Kurt de Belder (Leiden University, The Netherlands):
The transition of the library
List of participants
Presentation by Birger Larsen


SPARC-Europe Annual Meeting – Wim van der Stelt (Springer, The Netherlands), Johan Bollen (Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing, USA):
A strategy for SPARC-Europe
List of participants (combined with Steering Committee on Scholarly Communication)
Presentation by Wim van der Stelt
Presentation by Johan Bollen

LIBER YEP! – Eric den Heijer (Eric den Heijer, The Netherlands):
YEP!? Starting a network for Young European Professionals in libraries
List of participants
Presentation by Eric den Heijer
Steering Committee on Scholarly Communication
List of participants (combined with SPARC)
Steering Committee on Digitisation and Resource Discovery
List of participants
Steering Committee on Heritage Collections and Preservation
List of participants
Steering Committee on Organisation and Human Resources
List of participants
Steering Committee on LIBER Services

10.30-11.00 Coffee / tea break


Master Classes and Meetings

12.30-13.30 Lunch


Opening Ceremony

Hans Geleijnse (LIBER President)
Video of Hans Geleijnse's opening speech
Carsten Riis (Dean, Faculty of Theology at Aarhus University)
Video of Carsten Riis' speech
Mai Buch (Managing Director, DEFF): Re-inventing the library - the Danish way
Presentation by Mai Buch
Video of Mai Buch's speech


Plenary session 1

Clifford Lynch (Coalition for Networked Information, USA):
The future arrives: scholarly practice, scholarly communication and the roles of libraries
Video of Clifford Lynch's talk

Coffee / tea break + visits to posters/exhibition


Plenary session 2

Heather Morrison (Simon Fraser University, Canada):
The role of the research library in an emerging global public sphere
Video of Heather Morrison's talk

Opening of Meeting of Participants


LIBER Awards

Presented by Paul Ayris (Vice President of LIBER and Chair of the Programme Committee) and Rafael Sidi (Vice President of Product Development at Elsevier)
The following abstracts have been awarded:
Ana van Meegen Silva and Imke Limpens: How serious do we need to be? Improving information literacy skills through gaming and interactive elements
Graham Stone: Searching life, the universe and everything? The implementation of Summon at the University of Huddersfield
Jani Sassali: TOR - Toolbox of Research Information Literacy guidance

SPARC-Europe Award:
On behalf of the European Organization for Nuclear Research, CERN, Dr. Salvatore Mele received the SPARC-Europe Award for Outstanding Achievements in Scholarly Communications
Director General of CERN thanks SPARC in this video:


arallel Sessions 1.1 to 4.1

PS 1.1 – Michael Jubb (Research Information Network, UK):
Challenges for libraries in difficult economic times

PS 2.1 – Marcel Ras, Hilde van Wijngaarden (National Library of the Netherlands):
Digital preservation from niche to core


PS 3.1 – Maria Hvid Stenalt (State and University Library, Denmark):
Online access to advertising films and TV commercials


PS 4.1 – Tamara Pianos (National Library of Economics, Germany):
EconBiz - Meeting user needs with new technology

17.15-17.45 Parallel Sessions 1.2 to 4.2

PS 1.2 – Christy Henshaw (Wellcome Library, UK):
A digital library feasibility study


PS 2.2 – Sara Aubry (National Library of France):
Introducing web archives as a new library service: the experience of the National Library of France


PS 3.2 – Marianne Alenius, Niels Stern (Museum Tusculanum Press, Denmark):
Open Access monographs


PS 4.2 – Ellen Simons (Avans University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands):
From a vision on learning and teaching towards an integrated learning-environment


Conference Dinner at Varna Mansion

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