Offer for a scanner

Published 31 October 2016

The National Newspaper Collection (hereafter referred to as the Customer), which is a part of The State and University Library, requests a price offer for a scanner.

The price frame is DKr. 400.000,-. The price may be specified in either DKK or Euro.

In addition to the main offer the Supplier may provide one alternative offer if it can meet the Customer’s wishes in other ways.

1. Purpose and format

The purpose is to digitise newspapers. The scanner should be able to handle original formats of minimum A1 in size.

2. Functionality and use of the scanner

2.1. The scanner must be able to handle newspapers in the form of loose leaves and spreads as well as bound volumes up to 6 inches thick.

2.2. The scanner table should have an automatically adjustable book cradle, i.e. self leveling.

2.3. Gentleness on fragile materials is an important factor.

In order to keep the pages as flat as possible during scanning, a mechanism that presses the original material up against a glass plate is needed. Alternatively, an automatic glass plate that is pressed down on the original material.

2.4. In the choice of scanner the Customer puts emphasis on usability and ergonomics that minimized the load on the operators musculoskeletal system.

It must be easy to operate the scanner’s basic features.

3. Scan speed

In the choice of scanner the Customer puts emphasis on high scan speed to ensure as high productivity per hour as possible.

3.1. The Supplier must describe the expected output per hour.

4. Output, file formats and storage

4.1. The image resolution must be at least 300 ppi on an A1 original or larger.

The standard file formats must be selectable as output, including as a minimum TIFF.

4.2. The Supplier must describe if the picture quality meets standards such as Metamorfoze e.a.

4.3. The Supplier must describe how the output is transferred to a storage device and what it consists of: hardware and software. It must be stated whether this is included in the price offer, and the price must be specified separately.

5. Software and user interface

5.1. The user interface must continuously be able to show the operator the scanned images.

5.2. It must be possible and easy for the operator to delete the scans

5.3. The Supplier must describe how the operator can enter and name the files in parallel with the scan.

5.4. The Supplier must explain whether and how splitting, cropping, deskewing and other treatments of the images are made.

5.5. The Supplier must describe in what form and in which formats metadata can be entered.

5.6. The Supplier must describe if it possible to use templates of commonly used settings.

5.7. The Supplier must describe the extent to which it is possible for the customer to modify and customize the user interface and other software.

6. It-environment

The customer is using Windows 7, which is controlled and updated by the central IT department. The customer is subject to ISO 27001 with high IT security levels. This includes the use of Microsoft Software Restrictions on all Windows computers, personal logins for all users and that no users have administrative privileges.

6.1.   The Supplier must explain any limitations in the scanner software in relation to the customer’s security level.

7. Assembly, commissioning, warranty and service conditions

7.1. The Supplier must assemble and prepare the scanner in the Customer's workroom and ensure trouble-free operation before the Customer initiates operation.

7.2. Warranty period, service conditions and support must be stated in the offer.

The Customer puts emphasis on particularly good support in the first weeks of operation.

7.3. The Supplier must state the yearly cost of service and support after the initial warranty, and the end-of-support date for the scanner.

8. References

8.1. The Supplier must indicate whether the supplier has comparable customers in Denmark.

9. Adaption of software

9.1. The Supplier must state the hourly rate for adapting the software to the customer's wishes. This and possible other conditions for this option must be listed.

10. Training

10.1. It must be stated in the offer if operator training is included in the price offer and if so, the extent of the training. If training is part of the price offer, the price and conditions for training should be described separately.

11. Delivery, takeover and billing

11.1. Delivery of scanner and associated other equipment and software must be completed before December 20, 2016. Invoicing and customer payment must be made before December 30, 2016.
11.2 Delivery will take place as proper delivery of the goods at the designated address of delivery which is the State and University Library, Tangen 2, DK-8200 Aarhus N.
11.3 The risk of accidental loss or destruction of the delivery passes to the Customer upon delivery, and at the same time, the Customer acquires ownership of the delivery.

12. Evaluation

During the evaluation of the offers, the Customer will consider the following:

  • Price
  • Service
  • Scan speed
  • Hourly rate for software adaption
  • Metadata (preservation specs)
  • Image quality
  • Ergonomics
  • Ease of use / user interface
  • Other similar scanners in Denmark

13. Questions

Any questions about the understanding of the terms must be sent to Martin Lund, e-mail: Questions must be received by the Customer no later than November 4, 2016.

The questions and the replies will be shared anonymously between all the tenderers and dispatched by email on November 8, 2016.

14. Submission of tender

Offers in accordance with the above must be submitted to the Customer no later than November 11, 2016 in the form of a letter or e-mail.

Letters sent in a sealed envelope marked "Newspaper Scanner" to the State and University Library, Victor Albecks Vej 1, DK-8000 Aarhus C, att. Klaus Elbinger Kjærgaard. E-mail marked "Newspaper Scanner" in the subject line sent to

15. Expected timetable

October 28, 2016

Email sent concerning tender and publication on our website.

November 4, 2016

Deadline for questions.

November 8, 2016

Our answer to questions.

November 11, 2016

Deadline for submission of tenders.

November 15, 2016

Our answer to tenderes.

December 20, 2016

Deadline for delivery of scanner.

December 30, 2016

Deadline for billing and Customer’s payment.


Kind regards

Martin Lund
Head of Section: The National Newspaper Collection