Delivery of digitised newspapers from microfilm on reels

The first stage of the tender procedure is a prequalification stage in which the most suitable suppliers are selected to take part in the further process.

Any questions and answers regarding prequalification will be published on this page. Questions regarding the prequalification must be submitted in good time. We'll stop answering questions on 8.4.2013.

IMPORTANT Correction:

10 April 2013

It has been called to our attention that the contract notice contains incorrect information.

In “III.2.2)Economic and financial ability” it is stated that

“4) The candidate must submit a solemn declaration stating if they have an equity to debt ratio of a minimum of 10 % (debt/equity), calculated as an average of the last 3 years. The candidate may choose also to submit information on the size of the equity to debt ratio.”

This is both self-contradictory and not as intended.

Today we have submitted a correction to the TED database where III.2.2)4) is rephrased to:

"4) The candidate must submit a solemn declaration stating if they have an equity ratio of minimum 10 % (equity/total assets), calculated as an average of the last 3 years. The candidate may choose also to submit information on the size of the equity ratio."

Similar the Re. 4) is rephrased to correspond to this.

As a consequence of this correction we postpone the prequalification deadline to 22 April 2013 12:00.

If you have already shipped your prequalification application we will ask you to send a letter in which you, with reference to our correction, either confirm the application or correct this specific item.

We are very sorry about this delay and hope that you understand our circumspection.


When the TED database is updated we will post a link to the correction.

Link to the correction in the TED database


11 April 2013

The correction is now available on


Please be aware that any confirmation or correction letter must be sent by mail (not e-mail) before the new deadline.

Application form for candidate(s)

More information about the project

Contact information

Please send any enquiries regarding this tender to Frank Lund,, +45 8946 2227

/19 March 2013

Questions and answers


Question #1

Do you anticipate having a tenderer’s meeting after the RFT is released?


We do not have a info-meeting. But it will be possible to ask questions after the RFT. After delivering the first tender, each tenderer will be invited to a negotiation meeting as descirbed in section VI.3).


Question #2

Any idea about what the timeline for the RFT will look like?


At the moment we do not have a detailed timeline. The deadlines will be short and a part of the RTF.


Question #3

As far as I see we need documents to participate – the specifications and for competitive dialogue and for a dynamic purchasing system.


The wording in I.1) about specifications and additional documents is a standard formulation. The only available document is the application form for the prequalification available on this page.


Question #4

Can you tell me the deadline for prequalification?


According to IV.3.4) the deadline for prequalification is 15.4.2013 12:00.


Question #5

Is there a possibility to submit questions?


Yes. By mail to


Question #6

Will you please confirm, that it is the prequalification form, that has to be delivered not later than the 15. April 2013 kl. 12:00.


Yes, it is the prequalification form available on this page including the documentation asked for in the form.


Question #7

I would like to request the following details

1) List of Items, Schedule of Requirements, Scope of Work, Terms of Reference, Bill of Materials required. 
2) Soft Copy of the Tender Document through email.
3) Names of countries that will be eligible to participate in this tender. 
4) Information about the Tendering Procedure and Guidelines
5) Estimated Budget for this Purchase 
6) Any Extension of Bidding Deadline?
7) Any Addendum or Pre Bid meeting Minutes


Re. 1) Scope of work etc. appears in the contract notice II.1.5).
Re. 2) No further tender document are available at this time. The prequalified tenderers will recieve the tender documents.
Re. 3) We can not deliver a positive list of countries. At least we'll consider countries who has entered WTO's trade agreement (partially or full).
Re. 4) The procedures appears in the contract notice section VI.3).
Re. 5) The estimated budget appears in the contract notice section II.2.1).
Re. 6) The prequalification deadline is 15.4.2013 12:00 according to the contract notice section IV.3.4). The tender deadline will be a part of the tender documents.
Re. 7) Please see question #1.

Question #8

  1. Is it enough if we fill in the Application form and submit the same for now? Do you want us to fill in details mentioned III 2.2 and 2.3 as well?
  2. I am unable to login and download the RFP document? Will it be made available if we qualify for the second round or is there a URL that I can access? Will you be giving us the login details?
  3. What is the last date for clarification?


Re. 1. Yes, please answer III.2.2 and III.2.3 in the yellow boxes.
Re. 2. There is no login for the page with the prequalification form. The prequalified tenderers will recieve the tender documents.
Re. 3. We'll stop answering questions regarding the prequalification on 8.4.2013.


Question #9

This document is present on the web address that is part of the tender and it seem to part of the tendering material, but the document is access-restricted: "". I suggest that you inform us how to open this document or that you remove it from the site for this tender.


Thank you for pointing out the broken link. The link has been corrected.


Question #10

We are not entirely sure what you mean with the options starting with:
“Automatic OCR of…”
“Automatic segmentation…”
Can you please explain this?


The exact phrasing of the options is still under revision.
Our thoughts about automation are towards a non-manual cost effective procedure, maybe with some kind of optimisation of algorithms for specific periods and/or titles.
The full description of the options will be available to the 3 prequalified tenderers.


Question #11

  1. What meta data is required for each page?
  2. Is page level segmentation OK, or is article level segmentation required?  If article level segmentation then each page would have to be checked manually after the automated process – I don’t think there are enough bodies available at any company to accomplish this feat.
  3. The documentation that I have read stipulates 50,000 pages per day.  Is this based on a five-day work week, or is the objective of 250,000 pages over a seven-day work week also acceptable?  We will be able to accomplish either.
  4. Would you send me the application form for candidates please?
  5. What docs are needed to be submitted by April 15th?
  6. If accepted as the supplier, is there a ramp-up period?  Knowing that the project needs to be completed within 3 years and the volume of total pages (32MM), I assume that we would be given a period of time to be in full production.  Is this assumption correct?
  7. If selected as one of the final three suppliers for consideration, where will the next meeting take place – in Denmark or, via a Skype channel or something similar?


Re. 1. As a non-exhaustive answer, we are using a subset of MODS. Furthermore we are using MIX, ALTO and a custom schema for other kinds of metadata. The details will be available to the prequalified tenderers.

Re. 2. Pease read the answer to question #10 on “”.

Re. 3 and 6. Our demand is 32 million pages within 3 years. We expect a start up with a short clarification phase, a short implementation phase and a short pilot phase leading to full production. We expect the tenderers to deliver a timetable showing how this is possible.

Re. 4. The application form is available on “”.

Re. 5. By no later than 15.4.2013 12:00 we should receive the application for prequalification including the documentation asked for in the form.

Re. 7. We will prefer if the negotiation meetings mentioned in section VI.3) are physical meetings on our premises. We will probably not accept a Skype meeting.


Question #12

Would it be possible to have a close look at the microfilms on reels?


Unfortunately we do not have the resources to present the reels before the prequalification. As a part of the negotiation meetings with the three tenderers we could include an inspection of the microfilms.

The microfilms are 35mm negative film on reels, generally in good condition, with an estimated average of 500 pictures / 1000 pages per film.


Question #13

In the pre-qualification form you ask for solemn declarations regarding taxes etc..
For a number of these we have written documents from tax and social security authorities – but mostly in [non-English language].
Is it o.k. to add these [non-English language] documents or do we have to have the translated as it sometimes occurs with French tenders?


A solemn declarations is a declaration completed and signed by you. We do not need documentation from the from tax and social security authorities at this point.


Question #14

I am planning to deliver the prequalification form personally at Statsbiblioteket in Aarhus on April 15th. I am arriving on Sunday. Can you tell my at what’s the time can I deliver the documents, at Statsbiblioteket.


Our opening hours are available on


Question #15

Regarding II.2.2 Information about options: It is unclear to me, if/how we at this stage are going to respond to the options, that you are mentioning in this section, and it is also unclear to me what legal status these options actually have in the tender at this first stage? Can you please explain this item a bit more thorough, thanks.


The 3 prequalified tenderers shall include the options in their tender. The State and University Library is entitled but not obliged to use the options in section II.2.2.

In the prequalification phase it is essential also to attach references which demonstrate experience within the areas described in section II.2.2 about options. This is according to the objective criteria for choosing the limited number of candidates in section IV.1.2. 1) “Experience within the key areas described in II.1.5 and II.2.2 (based on the candidate`s references and employee qualifications)”.


Question #16

We have changed our company name. There is no change in the structure or ownership of the company!! I hope that's ok by you if we bid with our new name?


Our main interest is if the legal entity of the company is still the same. Please explain the details of the name change in your application.


Question #17

In the application form under III.2.1 section 1 and 2, you ask for solemn declarations. Do we have to attach the declarations, or is it sufficient to sign the application form?


It is sufficient to sign the completed application form. You do not need to attach the solemn declaration as a separate document.


Question #18

Section III.2.2

Section 3: Is it sufficient to write the average turnover amount in the yellow box? Or do we have to attach a solemn declaration?

Section 4: Is it sufficient to write the average percentage in the yellow box? Or do we have to attach a solemn declaration?


Regarding section III.2.2 3) and 4) we consider it as a solemn declaration, if you fill out the yellow boxes with the requested information and sign the application form. That is, you do not need to attach separate solemn declarations.