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Liber 2010

List of posters

 LIBER is proud to present the posters listed below. You can visit the posters in the Aula, where the plenary sessions take place. You can meet the poster authors during coffee and lunch breaks. All posters will be presented in plenary by their author on 30 June.

  1. Robin Adams (Trinity College Library Dublin, Ireland), Arlene Healy (Trinity College Library Dublin, Ireland), Jane Ohlmeyer (Trinity College Dublin, School of History & Humanities, Ireland), Vikas Sahni (Softedge Systems Ltd), Alex Wade (Microsoft Research): A Virtual Research Environment for the Humanities
  2. Peter Ahlroos (Educational technologist, Finland): Eyetracking and handling analysis of the Tritonia web services
  3. Natalia Bergau (Göttingen University, Germany): “Where are we? Where are we going?” Report on digital preservation practice and plans amongst LIBER members
  4. Johnni Brobak Nielsen, Anne Catharine Andersen (Aarhus School of Business, Denmark): YouTube - edumedia - ASBCAST: Business broadcasted online
  5. J.R.Corney, N. Acur (University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK), Graeme Forbes (National Library of Scotland, UK): Cataloguing using internet crowdsourcing
  6. Iveta Fürstová; Petra Pejšová (National Technical Library, Czech Republic): National Repository of Grey Literature in the Czech Republic
  7. Silvia Gstrein (University and Regional Library of Tyrol, Austria): EOD - eBooks on Demand
  8. Ellen Collins (Research Information Network, UK): Academic Libraries for the Future: Initial Findings from Horizon-Scanning
  9. Michael Jubb, Branwen Hide (Research Information Network, UK): How Researchers Create, Use and Disseminate Information: and the Implications for Libraries
  10. Max Kaiser, Veronika Prändl-Zika, Jeanna Nikolov-Ramírez Gaviria (Austrian National Library): EuropeanaConnect: Enhancing Access to European Digital Cultural Heritage
  11. Patricia Killiard (Cambridge University, UK): arcadia@cambridge: rethinking the role of the research library in a digital age
  12. Kate-Riin Kont (Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia): Electronic Scientific Information in Technical University Libraries: A Comparative Analysis Based on the Example of the Helsinki University of Technology Library and the Tallinn University of Technology Library
  13. Muhtesem Hakki Onder (Özyeğin University, Turkey): Expanded Learning Environments: Course Management System and Information Literacy Integration at Özyeğin University
  14. Agnes Ponsati (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Spain): Institutional investment in the library: What's the return in the grants process? A case study at the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC, Spain)
  15. Aleksandra Popovic; Stela Filipi-Matutinovic (Belgrade University, Serbia): User education in Belgrade University Library – history and new trends
  16. Annikki Roos (Helsinki University, Finland): The Knot-project. Preparing the way to new partnership between research groups and the library
  17. Jani Sassali (Oulu University, Finland): ToR - Toolbox of Research: information literacy guidance in the wiki environment for doctoral students and researchers
  18. Frank Scholze (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany): Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) Library Services – An institutional merger in progress
  19. Olaf Siegert (German National Library of Economics, Germany): Managing Grey Literature in Economics with a subject-based repository – EconStor as an example from Germany
  20. Nicolaj Veje Pedersen; Lars Lund-Thomsen (Aarhus School of Business, Denmark): Measuring scientific quality: The use and misuse of bibliometric indicators – practice and malpractice
  21. Cilie Veje Rasmussen (Aarhus School of Business, Denmark): Library resources as part of the virtual learning environment