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The Nordic Library Conference 2012


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Mubil : A digital laboratory
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Storytelling, reminiscence work and inclusion. Experiences from the multi-cultural women's group at the Library at Torshov
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The library - an arena for a gradual integration?
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The Diversity and migration library in the landscape - which PLACE do we have & take?
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Skrivebua - inclusive and diverse
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The libraries in Oppland county as inclusion arenas
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Seniorgamer – a project in Drammen Library
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How people with multicultural background can make the library a better place for everyone
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Author Identity - about an education for authors that writes for children and young people
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Let the children speak up - Children's digital stories
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Project Newcomers – Collaboration Across
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5 a day – because it’s good for you
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Talking books in many languages​​
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Writing Camp makes the world a better place
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The Multilingual library - a necessary utopia
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Holmlia – the world in a nutshell
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Belonging, participation and community seen from a local library in Groruddalen
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The Reading Circle Method for Immigrants - in Use
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Family Network in libraries
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