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The Nordic Library Conference 2012

Family Network in libraries

Presentation in Danish

From the story of a local development project in which parents are involved in the dissemination of library services and the development of activities, we will disclose specific tools on how it is possible to work with and challenge social and cultural barriers in order to widen the use of the library and its core services.
They will also address how to work with user-driven innovation in learning and dissemination activities in the library - specifically in working with ethnic minorities.


Katrine is an anthropologist and manager of the Library and Community Center Hedemarken. She has worked at the Albertslund Library since 2007 and is one of the main forces behind the development of the community center. In previous positions Katherine has worked with cultural institutions and audience development.


Marie holds an MSc. Scient. Pol. in International Development Studies and African Studies and has been employed at the Library and community Center Hedemarken as a project and developing employee since 2010. Marie has many years experience of volunteer work and is a driving force in working with volunteers and citizenship.